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LED Road Flare Emergency Kit

Premium Quality that Blows Away the Competition!

Don’t settle for cheap knock-offs! Our flare kits come with a custom designed, reinforced storage bag with a zippered storage pocket. We also include mini keychain screwdriver tools that allow for anywhere, anytime battery changes. Additionally, we use internal rare earth magnets so that the flares will stick to any metal surface, without the risk of scratching your paint job. Finally, we include a bonus car escape tool that can be mounted inside your vehicle. And of course, all kits come with pre-installed batteries, full instructions, and a money back guarantee. Whether you’re hitting the trails hiking, alerting other commuters, or on your boat for the weekend, your flares will always get the attention they demand!


The 9 unique lighting modes are listed below. Run times are approximate, and will vary depending on battery quality.
1. Rotate: 20 hours
2. Quick Flash: 25 hours
3. Single Blink: 30 hours
4. Alternating blinks: 15 hours
5. Morse code (SOS): 15 hours
6. Solid on (high): 10 hours
7.Solid on (low): 35 hours
8. Side light: 20 hours
9. Flashlight: 20 hours

Size: 4 inches in diameter (10.1 cm) x 1.25″ tall (3.2 cm)
Weight: 5.6 ounces (160 grams) with batteries installed
They have a magnetic base and they also float in water.

What’s in the box

•3 industrial grade LED road flares
•9 AAA batteries (pre-installed)
•Compact keychain screwdriver tools for easy battery replacement
•Premium, rugged storage bag with zippered storage pocket
•Detailed user instructions
•BONUS: 1 car emergency escape tool





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