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About - HOKENA

Our Story


We’re Ben and Danielle. Nice to meet you!

We started HōKENA based on a simple vision. We wanted to create amazing products to help keep people safe on the road!

A few years ago, we started to notice an increase in the number of vehicle-related accidents and fatalities that were occurring each year. This was partly because we have a firefighter and a paramedic within our family, so we were hearing many first-hand accounts of these tragic accidents. We decided that we wanted to do something about it and to help keep families safe on the road.

And that’s why we created HOKENA! We’ve combined our love for safety with our desire to create awesome quality products that make life better!

Here at HōKENA, we absolutely believe in treating our customers like family! We feel like we’re living our dream since we get to create amazing products that are designed to improve life and keep families safe, while also running a customer-focused business. And for that, we would like to say thank you!

Without your support (even if you’re just reading this on our website), we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. High five!

We’re always coming up with new and exciting product ideas. In fact, “wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a product that…” has become a part of our daily vocabulary! If you’re interested in checking out our latest products, you can view our store by clicking below.


HōKENA (pronounced hoe-ken-uh) is actually a word we created that is based on one of our favourite beaches in Hawaii! The beach is actually called Ho‘okena. It’s a special place for us because the Dolphins often come into the bay to rest in the mornings. If you’re lucky, they sometimes come and say hi!

We actually came up with the idea of building our own online business while we were living in Hawaii for a few months. So, it just felt right to base our name on this special place. Hawaii has a special place in our hearts, and we love to be reminded of the ‘Aloha Spirit’ on a daily basis!

© 2017-2021 Hokena International Inc. All rights reserved. HOKENA and the HOKENA brand is a registered trademark of Hokena International Inc. 

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